Public Records Searches have been seen on

Are you looking for public records? More government agencies are providing access to records online. Many of these databases cannot be found and indexed by search engines. This makes it hard for the average web user to locate public records.

Through public records people can perform a background check. Sifting through public records is time consuming because the records are held in many places. Arrest records and mugshots are usually not online or in court records because they are stored at a law enforcement agency.

State and local agencies like property appraisers, courts, and utilities are improving their technical abilities. Old records are being scanned and microfiche are also being scanned. Resources play a large role in online access. It takes a lot of electronic storage to place all those records being transformed so the cost is being deferred to the searcher.

Records are not always available without restriction or for free, through Freedom of Information legislation. Each government has policies and regulations that govern the availability of information contained in public records. As stated before not all records are available for one reason or another. Often because the office where the public record is stored do not scan them for online convenience because of funding. Using a third party search service gives the convenience of all the available records being sorted and provided to you in one simple report.