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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Public Records

Public Records

General public records are categorized as documents that are open for public viewing and scrutiny. Ever since the beginning of time, these records have been cataloged, in order to resolve any problems and disputes.

Different Types of Public Records
• Birth Certificates - Records of birth in a certain city or town.
• Marriage Certificates - Documents of civil unions in a certain area.
• Death Certificates - Statistics of those who died in a certain jurisdiction.
• Estate Records - Contains tax history, as well as property history, and the property value data.
• MLS Home Records - Details about a certain real estate (multiple listing service)
• Population and Economic Records
• Law Proceeding Records

Why do you need to Search for General Public Records?

There are many benefits that come with access of such records. For example, judgment and lien documents help the court assure payment of housing responsibilities are met to determine if they have outstanding court bills. With its goal of promoting information and transparency, general public records can keep the community abreast of the things they need to know.

How to Search for General Public Records

Public records such as those mentioned can be accessed easily through a number of methods. For example, websites that specialize in such services provide access to such documents for a small fee.

Requesting public records can also be done in town and city halls, and this has been made possible with the Freedom of Information Act, also known as FOIA.

Despite this ruling, there are some restrictions to the access of these documents. For example, some states ban the release of booking and arrest papers, since they are seen as a violation of the inmate's liberty.

Public records serve a lot of purposes, ranging from plain individuals to big corporations. With its availability in town halls and certain websites, it is a must that you conduct general public records search so you can make an informed decision in your personal or business transactions.

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